finding the perks of life

send-in-your-skeletons asked: could you please tell your friend who made that video that she made me feel better to know someone understands and that shes beautiful and amazing?

of course i can, she’ll be so pleased. if you want i can link you to her tumblr page, i bet she’d love to hear from you :) 

this is her blog i know she will want to hear from you, especially seeing as she is trying to set up a ‘support group’ type thing. To help people feel less alone, and she needs all the people she can find :) 

Fibromyalgia video (by Kesia Hyde)

please watch this. this is one of my closest friends and i know that all she wants is for people to understand, so see if you learn something. it only takes a few minutes and new insights are priceless

having the house to yourself

—Finding The Perks Of Life

watching films on cold nights

—Finding The Perks Of Life

the soundtrack to your summer

—Finding The Perks Of Life

falling asleep to the sound of rain

—Finding The Perks Of Life